We are two men with an idea to inspire your mind and decorate your home. The founding fathers, the poster boys, success has many names but we’re just common men. Steffen & Nikolaj is our names, but you can call us what suits you best and we expect you to handle that responsibility as a gentleman.


No sir, far from it. This is not the concept of being a gentleman with the knowledge of What A Man Should Know. The concept is that you always should move forward as a better person. Not a single person is born with knowledge, it is acquired through experience.

We are striving to be the best versions of ourselves, which is a strict opposite of being as egotistical as it might sound. When your the best version for yourself, then you’ll be the best version for the people around you. This is what every man should chase. During the chase you’ll gain experience. Time softens the sharp edges of experience and perfects it with gentle streams of reflection, which then slowling but surely turns into knowledge.

We startet the concept back in 2009 where we created these posters to a clothing shop. Then once orders kept coming, we continued our work. We where overwhelmed by the lenghts that the What A Man Should Know concepts can go. It knows no limits.